My Teaching

This page is designed to share the syllabi of the courses I am teaching now. Feel free to use the files for your learning, teaching, and research.


2023 Spring

Theorizing in Sociology. A graduate seminar on how to initiate and develop theoretical ideas. It consists of two parts: 1) Philosophies of social sciences; 2) theorizing and corresponding exercises. 

2022 Fall

How Societies Remember (A first-year seminar on collective memory; updated from last semester)

Culture and Society (an undergraduate course on cultural sociology)


2022 Spring

How Societies Remember (A first-year seminar on collective memory)

Some resources for this course:

Hurricane Katrina Memory

Floodwall (installation art & exhibitions):

Mourning music scene with trumpeter Terence Blanchard in When the Levees Broke:

Visual Images of “Counter-Monuments”

Hamburg firestorm memorial

to compare with the nearby the 76th Infantry Regiment Memorial in the Nazis period:

The third memorial: Radermarcher’s “memorial” (which was in fact a projection)

Disaster and Society (A course on sociology of disaster)

Two more comprehensive lists of bibliography will be shared soon

2021 Fall

Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture (a survey course on contemporary China).

Theorizing (a graduate course on theorizing)

The course consists two parts: first on social scientific philosophies and the second on theorizing and heuristics.